Research and monitoring and feedback are critical to continual development of sustainable farming and alternative approaches to building and waste management. We are keen to ensure that the work we do on the farm makes a positive contribution to the discourse and development of sustainable agriculture and low impact living.


We are keen to invite students and researchers to analyse the methods and practices in order to continue to improve the farm and building systems. Current opportunities for research include:

The Wetlands Ecological Treatment (WET) System 


This waste water treatment system is a series of soil swales, willow beds  and ponds designed to clean grey water from the site as it flows through the system. This system is based on a reed bed concept but utilises a fraction of the inputs in the build process. It will be commissioned in the spring of 2019 and we are looking to monitor water cleanliness through system as it develops through the first year and beyond. This is an ideal scope for a BSc or MSc dissertation project. 

The Holistic Grazing Regime 


Tracking the diversity of herbs and grasses within the holistic grazing regime will allows us to tweak the methodology or grazing periods to encourage better management. Within the grazing regime we plan to run a number of trials using different overseeding mixes or allowing for natural regeneration to see how this effects overall biodiversity. We are open to input on design and methodology for field trails and encourage students or researchers to devise additional experiments.


Research sectors include: Plant biology, ecology, entomology and agroecology


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