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Koa Tree SURF

Koa Tree Camp

This 2 and half day course is for farmers, land managers and smallholders looking to transform their holdings through an agroecological and regenerative farming approach.


The course looks in detail at a number of approaches for increasing farm productivity whilst , improving  resilience and regenerating landscapes. These include Regenerative agriculture (RegenAg), agroforestry, Keyline planning, soil health principles, Holistic Management,  and permaculture design. With additonal focus on systems integration and onfarm use of resources, monitoring and trials. 


The host farm on the North Devon coast is a small mixed farm in the early implementation of regenerative practices and offers a perfect example for seeing the changes and opportunities offered by a regnerative agricultural approach as well as examples of failures and opportunities for improved practices when converting from more conventional farming methods.


Topics to be covered include

• Principles, frameworks & methodologies

• Site/microclimate analysis

• Agroforestry systems

• Windbreaks & shelterbelts, living barns

• Keyline design & cultivation patterns

• Dams, ponds, water harvesting in the landscape

• Constructed wetlands

• No-till, min-till & cover crops

• Cropping systems and cash crop alternatives

• Holistic management, mob grazing, freeranging

• Fencing systems and water provision

• Mushrooms, biochar & biomass production

• Nurseries, propagation and breeding

• Woodland management

• Pasture management and reseeding

• Soil and plant management

• Tree establishment

• Case studies and examples


The course is designed for those with a busy lifestyle and used to being outdoors, the focus will be on:

Learning by doing - Participatory design sessions and facilitated discussions using onsite case studies.

Experimentation with design options and create example plans in an informal, supportive

Open discussion of design & management options available to us as farmers/land managers, through the medium of a site specific design.
Gain confidence in design and decision-making through group discussion 
Creating an integrated and self relient farm system minimising inputs and waste streams

Creating a design for small farm that is to scale, show casing the options and opportunities for regenerative agriculture.

This course is suitable for:
• Farmers/farm managers & landowners
• Consultants and advisors
• Smallholders
• Those looking to buy/rent land

Course Design Objectives:
• Increased yields/yield stabilisation
• Reduced input costs
• Eliminate unnecessary work
• Resilience and future-proofing
• Better drought tolerance and alleviated flood issues
• Increased soil organic matter
• Carbon sequestration
• Low maintenance

What You Take Away from the Course:
• Printed 33 page handout
•All presentations will be sent by email after the course

Regenerative Farm Planning 26th-28th September

  • The course is open to farmers, growers and land managers from a variety of backgrounds and experience. If you are a new starter or small farm discounts are available based on your preious years income. 


    Please use the following discount codes based on your income

    < £5k - 5K160

    5k-12k - 12K200

    12k-18k - 18K240