All our courses include a vegetarian lunch and refreshments. Accommodation and additional meals can be arranged additionally. 


Based over two days this course covers designing a sustainable woodland management regime . We'll look at coppicing regimes, species mixes, funding and planting new woodland and how to process your woodland harvest.

Considering both design and practical techniques you will learn best practice for promoting a biodiverse and ecologically sensitive woodland that meets your economic needs, learning to identify species, coppicing techniques and charcoal making. If you have a woodland or site in mind then bring a map and we will help you to plan your own management regime. 

This course is perfect for landowners, rangers, woodland managers, farmers and smallholders looking to improve the environmental impact of woodland. 


Soil expert and regenerative agriculture guru Neils Corfield leads this two and a half day course on designing and running a truly regenerative farm. Topics are wide ranging from pasture management and soil health to mycorrhizal associations and composting to agroforestry and wetlands. Ideal for mixed farming approaches the course looks at integrating farm practices and utilising waste streams.  

Neils focuses on how regenerative techniques can future proof your holding, reduce maintenance and costs and optimise yields whilst providing a biologically diverse farm maximising carbon sequestration. 

The course uses a real life example to consider the options available for farmers, land managers and smallholders through regenerative methods. Teaching is through a combination of field time and design led classroom sessions. Discounts are available for lower incomes.  

Phil Chandler, the barefoot beekeeper, brings his years of experience to The Koa Tree Project for this wonderful introduction to beekeeping. The course focuses on the use of top bar hives and the myriad benefits for the bees and us as bee keepers. These hives are designed to minimize colony disturbance and allow the bees to thrive.

The course is ideal for the aspiring apiarist or those looking to change from more conventional hive designs. It covers everything you will need to know to get you through your first year or two of keeping bees, from hive design and building to catching swarms to dealing with pests organically. We have access to 5 thriving top bar hives colonies to show how this hive design works and the ease of hive management. We also have a Flow Hive we can look at to consider alternative designs. 


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